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How it works

1. Choose a package

  • Remember, your package is just a starting point - if you need to add things on, you can

  • I can custom design packages as well

  • Purchase your package and then I can get you booked in!


2. Getting ready

  • Think about how & where you want to display the images - this may help with choosing clothing/colours to wear

  • I will arrive 10 mins prior to your session and we'll sit down to discuss what you want to achieve


3. Your Photoshoot

  • Your photographic session will take around 1-2 hours (depending on the kids!)

  • Try and relax - I do this all the time

  • My sessions are fun, allowing me to capture natural expressions.

4. View & Select

  • I will guide you through the selection process and help you to choose your favourite photos.


5. Enjoy!

  • Your images will be retouched and delivered to you on a USB

  • You can then print them share them or display them how you like. 

  • I sell additional products like prints, frames, acrylic blocks and albums. Contact me for more info

Not sure what to wear?

Here are some tips below to help you prepare for the session. 

Please note i will contact you a few days before your session to prepare you. 

  • Plain & simple clothing keeps the focus on expression

  • Avoid big logos, pictures and text if possible

  • Plain black & white

  • Simple patterns, bright colours & textured or layered clothing also look great

  • Hats, beanies, headbands & hoodies are all great accessories

  • Select similar colours and/or tones for group shots.

  • You don't all have to be in the same colour for a great shot!


Pregnancy photos

  • It's completely up to you how much skin you feel comfortable showing

  • Try to avoid heavily patterned clothing

  • Singlets, tights and jeans are all great

  • Tight clothing generally looks better, however loose-fitting dresses work as well

  • If you plan on just wearing underwear, we recommend plain black or white

  • Feel free to use accessories (e.g. lengths of material, baby shoes etc.)


Newborn photos

  • I generally photography newborns nude

  • If you do decide to bring an outfit, keep it very simple

  • I recommend the parents wear a black, short-sleeve top.

  • Even if you aren't planning on having a family photo, I might use your arm or shoulder in a shot

  • I recommend preparing 1 or 2 plain blankets (preferably textured)


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